Thailand’s Best Kept Holidaymaking Secret - The Resort Villa Thailand
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Thailand’s Best Kept Holidaymaking Secret

Lux Life Magazine – Boasting over 14,000 square metres of tropical property, 70 full-time staff, and location that puts it at a 5-minute walk from the beach, The Resort Villa has made itself the perfect holiday getaway for the discerning client. Found in the picturesque Rayong region of Thailand, this ‘secret paradise’ is a beautifully maintained and incredibly well-run establishment giving guests the experience of a lifetime, whether it’s their first visit or their tenth. Fundamentally,
Deleted: Added: despite Rayong’s identity as somewhat of a commercial region, The Resort Villa has set itself up far away from such places; after all, it is here that its clientele can leave the hustle and bustle of commercial life behind in order to embrace luxury, relaxation, and rejuvenation, enabled by the expert staff and beautifully designed accommodation.

Its pools, each of which are perfectly maintained and regularly cleaned, total 1000 square metres of space, found at the heart of an 8-villa complex. With 11 dining areas, 4 bars, a gym, spa, home cinema, aquarium, and more, this property is a haven for its guests, and can house up to 16 people in a party, allowing them full run of the place for the duration of their stay and excited to let them experience this tranquil slice of uninterrupted Thai luxury. Moreover, the villas are very well spaced. This is to ensure that each resident has access to the utmost discretion and privacy, giving the place the feel of an incredibly well-kept secret known only to the staff and the guests.

only having the morning chorus as their alarm clock, it is close enough that access to a myriad of activities is also open to them should they wish to partake. Of course, should they wish it, there is also plenty to keep a person entertained at the villa itself.

Within The Resort Villa proper, guests can explore the landscaped gardens, spotting the exotic creatures that make their home there. They can also take a swim in the wraparound infinity pools, stroll the grand aquarium, and be pampered at the spa, all things that will allow a guest to leave The Resort Villa feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and revitalised, ready to get back into the challenges life has to offer. Externally to the Villa, guests are within a stone’s throw from experiencing outdoor water sports and exclusive boat trips, allowing clients to go island hopping in order to explore the bounties of the vibrant natural beauty that Thailand has to offer.

All in all, The Resort Villa takes great pride in the ‘family like’ hospitality it offers. Its guests can expect to be well taken care of, whether that means being appropriately pampered or left with as much space as they need to achieve the best relaxation for them. No matter what the best holiday looks like for a client, The Resort Villa promises that they will be able to find it at this venue, and looks forward to welcoming clients old and new back through its doors once more as the holidaymaking industry recovers after the tumult of the pandemic.

Critically, this award-winning venue boasts accreditation for its luxury and eco-friendly villas, its immaculate hospitality and lifestyle prowess, and the excellence of the villa’s design in and of itself. Partnered with My Private Villas, IVH Luxury, Icon, and GY Luxury Yachts, The Resort Villa has earned the many friends it has made in its industry with hard work and tenacity, consistently allowing its guests to relax and unwind in a space that becomes totally theirs. Therefore, part of the magic of The Resort Villa is adaptability.

Right from the very first conversation with a client, The Resort Villa will be thinking up ways to make itself a memorable experience. After all, it knows that planning a holiday should be just as much a part of it as the holiday itself, and thus it works hard to take the stress off a clients’ shoulders and do all the heavy lifting itself, simply working with them to find out what their perfect getaway entails. Then, when it has this information, its empathic and knowledgeable staff can begin to make appropriate arrangements, and the experience can begin in earnest.

It looks forward to serving its clients in a comprehensive and holistic manner in this way, always going above and beyond to ensure their happiness; after all, this is all part of fulfilling a core principle for The Resort Villa in that it will not be fully satisfied with its work until the client is. Its mission statement does an excellent job of boiling this down. ‘A secret paradise, dedicated to you in its entirety’. This phrase is something that a client can feel the benefit of every day of their stay at the Villa, and with this in mind, The Resort Villa’s staff are excited to show many more clients in the future the true magic of staying in your own exclusive tropical paradise in the future.