The Resort Villa wins the prestigious Seven Stars Villa Resort Award 2020 - The Resort Villa Thailand
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The Resort Villa wins the prestigious Seven Stars Villa Resort Award 2020

The Resort Villa, Rayong, Thailand – one of Asia’s most luxurious and exclusive private resort estates, has been awarded the 2020 Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Award (SSLHLA) in the category of Seven Stars Villa Resort. The prestigious award bestows The Resort Villa with the Signum Virtutis, a seal of excellence that represents the highest most exclusive accolade of luxury hospitality and lifestyle. This particular symbol was created to identity and distinguish exceptional properties from amongst even the very best. In the 7 years of operation, the SSLHLA has only issued a total of 1258 awards worldwide and less than 250 awards across all sectors per year.

The opulent property of The Resort Villa was selected for its unique offering of being available to rent only as a whole, similar to how one would charter a superyacht. As the name indicates, The Resort Villa is indeed a resort composed of 8 individual lavish villas that house up to 24 guests at once, which is surrounded by more than 1,000 sq. metre of infinity pools and a view of the ocean. On-site amenities such as the spa, gym, 15m aquarium, home theatre and bars are accessible only to the group of guests, providing the ultimate luxury in privacy. For those who appreciate water toys and adventurous excursions, The Resort Villa has high-end motorbikes, a myriad of of water toys, a private lake to play on, and even a motor yacht to cruise the neighbouring islands with.

To top it all off, guests can truly enjoy their stay with a greener conscience as the property has invested heavily in efforts of constantly aiming for a ‘green luxury’ offering. For example, to be self-sustainable and minimize carbon footprint, The Resort Villa has its own solar farm which covers all power consumptions during the day.

Yours Truly,

The Villa Girl