The Resort Villa featured in Rolls-Royce’s 110th anniversary book – Strive for Perfection - The Resort Villa Thailand
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The Resort Villa featured in Rolls-Royce’s 110th anniversary book – Strive for Perfection

The Resort Villa, an ultra-luxurious property located in Rayong, Thailand, has recently been selected to participate in an 8-page feature of Rolls-Royce’s 110th anniversary book – Strive for Perfection. This special edition coffee-table book celebrates Rolls-Royce’s iconic Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament and features a curated selection of luxury brands from around the world.

As a property that is available for charter only as a whole, The Resort Villa was selected by the publication team not just for its opulent offerings, but also to highlight the estate’s green efforts. With 14,000 sq metres of tropical paradise with 8 individual villas that can house up to 24 guests, 1,000 sq metres of salt-water pool, a 15 m aquarium, spa, home theatre and more, The Resort Villa can naturally consume a significant amount of power on a daily basis. To be self-sustainable and minimize its carbon footprint, the property invested in its own solar

farm which covers all power consumptions during the day.

“We believe it’s entirely possible to enjoy luxury at its finest while whist staying environmentally aware and responsible at the same time. In addition to the solar farm, we’ve cleaned up nearby beaches and installed anchoring points to protect coral reefs in the harbour. We’ve also installed a premium water filtration system to eliminate the need for plastic water bottles. As a result, when guests join us at The Resort Villa, they automatically become a part of this green movement” shares General Manager Benjamin Tellenbach. “It’s an honour to be featured in a publication as prestigious as the Rolls-Royce anniversary book. By being so, we hope we can reach out to the affluent with this ‘green luxury’ concept and further promote the concept.” Continues Mr. Tellenbach.

The Resort villa is a private resort that offers the ultimate privacy to one group of guests at one time, much like chartering a superyacht. In addition to a 5-minute walk to the beach and exclusive access to all amenities on-site, guests have access to a variety of water toy, a private lake to play on, and even a motor yacht to cruise the neighbouring islands with. The Resort Villa has received several prominent awards and appeared in publications such as Vogue, Elite Traveler, SPEARs, and more.

Yours Truly,

The Villa Girl