The Perfect Blend Between Luxury & Sustainability
Spanning 14,000m² of tropical property, 60 full-time staff & a 5-minute walk from the beach, The Resort Villa is a secret paradise that offers unforgettable experiences for those that seek a luxurious private getaway. Located in the non-commercial region of Rayong Thailand, The Resort Villa boasts pools totaling 1,000m2, 7 individual villas, 9 dining areas, 4 bars, fully equipped gym, spa, home cinema, 15m aquarium and much more. The whole property is a private haven exclusive to the group of up to 16 guests, with access to various water toys, nearby attractions and even a PADI license certification course.
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The Perfect Blend Between Luxury & Sustainability

Responsible Luxury  – the new phrase that will most likely be dominating the luxury travel sector in the coming years. With climate change drastically impacting various parts of the world and its population, environmental awareness is now a vital responsibility in our daily lives.

The Resort Villa is no exception. Featured in the Country & Town Houses’ May issue, The Resort Villa is a true advocate and believer in responsible luxury travels. As a property that’s defined by the beautiful greeneries and ocean surrouding it, this ultra-lux estate has the obligation to make the most effort possible to ensure such gifts are protected.

Such sustainability investments were highlighted in Lux Nomade’s June feature under the headline “Sustainable Luxury At Eco-Destination: The Resort Villa, Thailand.”

Conscious travellers rejoice! The Resort Villa, one of the most exclusive properties in Thailand, perfectly blends sustainability with luxury.

Conscious travel is on the rise worldwide and as a result, some of today’s most stylish and exclusive resorts are also some of the most sustainable and forward-thinking. The Resort Villa, possibly one of the most luxurious properties you can find in Thailand, is one of them. The luxury resort’s inspiring and impressive commitment to environmental conservation sets this eco-friendly haven apart making it a truly unique destination. In a nutshell, the property demonstrates that sustainability doesn’t mean compromising on luxury – one bit!

Enveloped by lush tropical greenery, the ultra-luxe resort with its sleek design is tucked away in the non-touristy area of Rayong Thailand and caters to the increasingly sophisticated, seasoned and affluent travellers. The resort is perfect for families and larger groups demanding only the most exclusive, private, authentic and sustainable experiences. In fact, it’s the resort’s belief that it’s possible to experience luxury at its finest while being environmentally aware and making every effort that counts…

To read in more detail, you can view the full article here and some snapshots below.

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