Ultimate Eco Destination – Country & Town House Luxury Magazine - The Resort Villa Thailand
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Ultimate Eco Destination – Country & Town House Luxury Magazine

The Resort Villa is excited to be once again featured in the Country & Town Houses’ May edition, the first sustainability issue the publication has just introduced. This time, the article focuses on the sustainability efforts The Resort Villa has invested in over the last few years. Environmental responsibility is always on the minds of the staff at The Resort Villa, and it is the collective belief that ultra-luxury can still be enjoyed while staying aware environmentally and taking action that leads to timely and tangible results.

“One such shining example is The Resort Villa in Rayong, Thailand, which takes the issue very seriously while proving that a green choice doesn’t have to be at the expense of life’s little luxuries.

The resort believes that it is possible to experience the finer things in life while being environmentally aware. By setting high standards, The Resort Villa has set an example to improve nearby communities and surrounding areas to become cleaner and more mindful.

At 14,000 sq/m, a property of this size requires a lot of energy. However in Rayong, Thailand, there is no shortage of sun – so why not harness the most powerful energy source in the solar system? The resort has built a solar farm just 300m away from the property, with a 206kw system that generates all the power that The Resort Villa requires during daytime, including for air conditioning, the pools and the aquarium, which is home to over 50 tropical fish. All utilities (except the aquarium) are turned off at night to further conserve energy consumption and regulate the amount of power needed on a daily basis.

With the growing demand for organic food – and the advantage of having rich soil and optimal weather conditions – The Resort Villa grows over 30 different varieties of vegetables and more than 30 types of fruit tree.

The orchards are maintained by a team of specialists using a specially designed hydroponics system. As such, the guests at The Resort Villa enjoy the freshest organic herbs, fruit and vegetables in every meal.

Want to learn more? Ask a member of staff to take you on a garden tour.”

To read in more detail, you can view the full edition of the magazine here and the original publication below.

Yours Truly,

The Villa Girl