The Resort Villa Wins Award for 'Luxury Hideaway Resort' - The Resort Villa Thailand
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The Resort Villa Wins Award for ‘Luxury Hideaway Resort’

Thanks to the many supporters who voted, The Resort Villa was awarded under the category of Asia’s Luxury Hideaway Resorts in 2018 by World Luxury Hotel Awards.

As one of the most recognizable luxury hotel awards, the World Luxury Hotel Awards has been identifying the most unique and opulent hotels and resorts around the world since 2006. It was, therefore, a true honour when The Resort Villa received such award at the institution’s 12th anniversary gala ceremony in Bali, Indonesia.

Representing The Resort Villa at this black-tie event was head chef Laurent Renaud and HR Manager Natnisha Yotakaew, both of whom were ecstatic and wished to thank voters for their kind support.

“We are very grateful and excited to be receiving this award on behalf of The Resort Villa and we look forward to coming back next year,” says Laurent, a key member of the resort’s team who has truly defined the gastronomical experiences for guests.

Speaking further on the topic of his culinary passion, Laurent shared, “Cooking is limitless if your mind dares to imagine. For me, a good chef needs to be open-minded and can listen to and accept criticisms, constructive or not. Heart, pleasure, and love, when applied together, can amount to creations of any kind. And at the end of the day, I feel true happiness when I see smiles on the faces of our guests.”

With parents that owned restaurants around the world,

Laurent was truly born into the culinary world. In fact, thanks to his stepfather, he had the privilege of an apprenticeship with the famous Roger Verger at the Plaza Athénée Paris, followed by a career at the Maxime.

Whilst born in Eastern France, Laurent moved to Switzerland at the age of 6. He then moved to California where he immersed himself with a range of cultural experiences, including frequent visits to Mexico followed by a return to France and travels to England and Australia. As a result, Laurent has truly mastered the infusion of various succulent essences in his cuisines – an almost orgasmic journey for the taste buds for the guests at The Resort Villa.

Yours Truly,

The Villa Girl