Environmental Awareness & Self Sustainability - The Resort Villa Thailand
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Environmental Awareness & Self Sustainability

It is safe to say that the issue of environmental conservation is a global concern, and definitely one close to the heart for The Resort Villa. In fact, it is the resorts belief that it’s possible to experience luxury at its finest while being environmentally aware and making every effort that counts. Even more importantly, by doing so, The Resort Villa has helped and continues to help improve the nearby communities and surrounding areas become cleaner and more mindful by setting an example and taking action.


At 14,000 m2 plus of spectacular property and a total of more than 1,000 m2 of pool, 15m long aquarium and more to maintain in tip-top shape, this lavish resort property requires an immense amount of power to sustain. However, located in Rayong, Thailand, there is no shortage of sun – so why not harness the most powerful energy source in the universe? As such, the resort has built a solar farm only 300 meters away with a 206kw system that generates all the power The Resort Villa requires during daytime. This includes usage for air conditioning, the pools and the aquarium home to 50+ tropical fish. All utilities except the aquarium are then turned off at night to further conserve energy consumption and regulate the amount of power needed on a daily basis.

Vegetable Plots & Hydroponics System

As with the quickly growing demand for organic food and overall consciousness what you put in your body, it is no doubt “we are truly what we eat”. With that in mind, and with the advantage of having such luscious grounds and weather conditions, The Resort Villa has been able to grow over 30 different species of vegetables in its own backyard, as well as more than 30 different species of fruit trees such as mango trees that produce sweet juicy bounties. Even a team of specialists

was assigned to maintain this valuable asset with hydroponics systems so that the guests at The Resort Villa can taste the freshest organic herbs, fruits and vegetables in every scrumptious meal – all from the resort’s very own garden. In fact, feel free to ask the resort staff to take you on a garden tour so you can follow the ingredients of your meals from the beginning of their journey.

...the resort has built a solar farm only 300 meters away with a 206kw system that generates all the power The Resort Villa requires during daytime.

Saving Coral Reefs

Many may not know this, but boats that dock at the harbour and drop anchor can destroy coral reefs vital to the intricate underwater ecosystem in the region. While The Resort Villa cannot affect what others choose to do, the resorts belief is to set an example and take action. In fact, since the resort has it’s own private 60ft motor yacht which often requires anchoring, the General Manager took the initiative to invest in an underwater drill to install anchoring points to reduce damage. These screws have been drilled 3 meters deep into the seabed to anchor buoys which then offers a more sustainable option for local dive boats and fishermen to tie to. Thanks to the efforts of resort staff and local dive volunteers, these buoys can hold super yachts and will last for many years to come.

There is no Planet B – and The Resort Villa’s goal is to co-exist with and protect its surrounding environment and waters with the hopes that the resort guests can have fantastic snorkelling and diving experiences for years to come.

The Resort Villa Farm

Yes, you read that right – The Resort Villa also boasts its very own farm in addition to the hydroponics garden. At 50m by 50m and a solar-powered irrigation system, this farm allows a variety of crops such as sweet corn, watermelon, chili, bananas, lemongrass, peppers, and mint to grow and has a specially dedicated mushroom house. For those interested in a tour, the farmers at the resort will be more than happy to share ways of making your own natural fertilizer as well as new innovative ways of growing your own greens. You can even plant your own seeds so you can harvest the crop the next time you stop by The Resort Villa.

The Resort Villa may be one of the most luxurious properties you can find in Thailand, but what truly sets it apart further is the resorts collective principles in being environmentally aware and helping the wonderful nature that surrounds it.

Become a guest at The Resort Villa in Thailand and indulge in delectable meals made with ingredients from the resorts garden, irrigated and grown by the resort’s own solar panels. Take a boat trip out to sea and tie up to the buoys and have a careless swim with the fish amongst the coral reefs.

So what are you waiting for?

Yours Truly,

The Villa Girl